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Crazy Paving with Reclaimed Yorkstone in North Finchley, London

Our team recently completed a crazy paving project in North Finchley, North London. Part of the project was to lift up the old paving and dispose in skip. The old paving was full of roots coming through so we dug up the roots and leveled out the ground.

The project was on our customer's front garden and included part of the garden being used as a driveway.

The stone we used varied in thickness from 5cm to 10cm thick. This ensured it was strong enough to withstand heavy traffic and vehicle parking over it.

After we dug out the old paving and roots from nearby trees the next step was to lay a layer of sub base Type 1 aggregate. We then compacted the layer using a whacker plate to ensure it is a stable base.

On the driveway we laid a steel mesh (1cm thick steel) to ensure that when the paving was done no cracks would show up from heavy weights.

The next step was to start laying the paving on a wet mixture of sand and cement.

Once all the paving was laid we fitted a metal grated drainage along the side of the house to collect all the water as the majority of the garden was on a slope.

On the other side of the garden there were concrete steps which we lifted completely. The concrete steps were replaced with new Yorkstone paving to match the rest of the front garden.

The final stage was to do the pointing using a sand and cement mix. When doing the pointing we ensured the sand to cement ratio was consistent to ensure a consistent look when the paving was finished.

The video above shows the completed front garden landscaping project. (view highest resolution to see details).

Crazy Paving using reclaimed yorkstone, Mill Hill, London NW7

ACO channel with metal grating to collect rain water, Mill Hill, London NW7

Yorkstone crazy paving steps leading to street level, Mill Hill, London NW7

Finished driveway with crazy paving and pointing, Mill Hill, London NW7

Driveway view from the top after crazy paving, Mill Hill, London NW7

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