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Painting And Decorating

The above slideshow is of some jobs that we have carried out painting and decorating exterior and interiors of houses in London. The first two photos show a conservatory which was painted with weather proof paint. We had to sand down all the woodwork as the old paint was coming off. We repaired the woodwork where it was cracking or damaged by applying wood filler. We then painted with 1 coat primer as the painting was not being done on top of old paint but directly on the woodwork. After that 1 coat of undercoat was applied and finally finished with a gloss finish.

The rest of the photos show different projects that we have carried out including painting and decorating new builds, freshly plastered rooms and other general redecorating projects.

Kitchen Fitting 

As shown on the slides above we fit a range of kitchens custom designed to the customer's needs. We take care of all the work involved from the electrical installations to the plumbing and to the disposal of the old kitchen.

When fitting new bathrooms all the work is carried to a high standard and within the customer's specifications.

Paving And Turfing

The above project involved levelling a large part of the garden. We then proceeded to make the base for the large stone-finish tiles to be laid on. After that tiling began and after the tiles were laid the turf area was prepared. We then laid the turf to finish it off.

NEW Bathroom

The above slides show a brand new bathroom fitting. Initially we removed old bath, old toilet and old sink. All the old tiles were removed. We then proceeded to put a new bath in place, new sink and new toilet. We installed a shower including all the pipework and plumbing. This job included removing a partition wall which was between the bath and the toilet to make more space.

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