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Paving In London

Large White Paving Tiles

    Our team offers great paving solutions for your gardens. The many years of experience enable us to advise customers and in collaboration come up with the best suited solution for their needs/requirements.


Planning paving project
  • The first step of a paving project would be planning of the area to be paved. Usually the customers have a clear idea of where they want the paving to go. Other customers already have a garden design at hand from which we can deduct the area to be paved.

Preparing ground to be paved
  • The next step is the site assesment and preparation. During this step we decide on the amount of prepatory work to be done based on the exisitng ground condition and the type of paving to be used. This usually involves diging up and leveling out the surface to be paved. Where required we lay sub-base layer. Usually this will be Type 1 sub-base for areas with high ussage such as driveways.

Laying paving
  • Then the paving takes place. This step also depends on the type of paving to be laid. If laying natural stone this will be done using a sharp sand and cement mix.

  • The final step is the finishes which will usually involve pointing the paving (most times with sand and cement mixture) and applying sealer where recommended.

Paving Patios And Paths

Patios are a great recreational area in your gardens. They can serve as a seating area or as a central focal point to a garden. Patios and paths are not only an aesthetic feature of your garden but a very practical solution to make full use of your outdoor space. Over the years we have helped customers build patios of all the most popular paving materials. We have experience building block paved patios, slate paved patios,  natural stone paved patios, concrete slab paved patios and also decking.

Block Paved Patio

Block Paving

Block paving is a great solution for your garden paths and patios. The main advantage is the fact that repair work to the paved area can be carried out without disrupting the overall look by lifting individual damage blocks. They also have a warm earthy look which blends well with the sorrounding planted area or flower beds.

Slate Paving

Slate Paving is another great material which gives the garden a high end look. Recently we paved the front garden and side path for one of our customers using slate tiles. The tiles were laid on a sand and cement mixture and to finish were grouted and applied sealer. The sealer gives the slate a slight shine and ensures rain or weather does not stain the finished product.

Natural Slate Paving Front Garden
Brick Style Concrete Paving

Concrete Paving

In many projects customers go for concrete slabs as a choice for their paving. Concrete slabs come in many shapes and forms. On a recent project we paved the garden area using brick like paving slabs (45cm x 45cm). In most ocasions the concrete slabs are laid on a bed of compacted sharp sand. In this project we laid the slabs in a bed of  sand and cement to ensure stability and longevity. It was also important for the overall look of the slabs to remain the same due to the the top face bening designed like bricks.

Natural Stone Paving

We have experience working with many different kinds of paving. Our specialty and the one which customers most prefer is natural stone paving slabs.  The beauty of natural stone paving is its uniqueness. Each slab is slightly different which makes your garden space a one-off and more personal.

The natural stone is also more durable than concrete and it only gets better as it ages.


For examples of natural stone paving check out our latest blog posts: 

Natural Stone Paving Circle

Fitting Stone Steps

Natural Stone Steps

We have exerience building high quality steps for our customers.

The picture on the left shows some newly laid sandstone steps with bullnose finish at the front. The edging for the last step was sandstone and the other 3 steps had reinforced glass edging to allow light into the basement.

Each of the steps gets custum cut to size on site.

The new steps give a warm and welcoming look to the front of any home.



We are also able to replace/repair existing steps for our customers. If a step is broken or damaged we are more than happy to aid to its repair or replacement.

Repairing Existing Paving

Given the popularity of paving in our gardens, many of our customers need repair work to their existing paving without having to fork out for a full replacement. Our team offers a comprehensive service of repair work. The key steps which we take are:

  • Assess the damage needing fixing. That is; we discuss which paving slabs need replacing.

  • Source slabs which match the look and size of the existing slabs

  • Lift the damaged slabs and lay the new slabs.

  • Remove damaged pointing from the paved area to be replaced.

  • Repoint with a sand and cement mixture or with grout where applicable depending on type of paving slabs used.


It would be very surprising how much a difference it makes to the look of a patio if you only replace the pointing. 



We also provide a cleaning service to paved areas or decking. Using the power of a jetwash we clean down old paved areas to give them a fresh lease of life. Where tough stains are apparent we use relavant cleaners to match the type of stain. 

For any paving query or for advise however small or big, please feel free to contact us :
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