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   Steps are a great way to showcase the entrance to your property. They give your property the necessary curb apeal to stand out from the rest in the street.  Our team have the expertise required to consult our custmers in the best solution for their new steps.​

   We have a proven track record of building beautiful new steps all around london from Batersea to Oval, Stoke Newington to Muswell Hill and further. We are happy to refer customers to have a look at our work.

The team at Ponari Builders focuses on a few key aspects when building new steps:

  • Ensure the new steps are structurally sound and free from potential future issues.

  • Waterproof correctly when steps are on top of basement flats as is the case in many ocasions.

  • A beautiful clean finish to the new steps.​

London Steps PonariBuilders:

Preparation For New Steps

The first stage of building new steps is preparing the surface ready for the new floor covering. This prep includes:

  • Removing old step covering(old steps, asfalt etc).

  • Waterproofing with waterproof render.We use Mapei Mapelastic 2 part flexible waterproof render. Link

Laying Front Steps

Once the surface has been prepared we proceed laying the new steps. Depending on the step covering we choose the material to be used to bond the new steps to the floor.

The steps are cut to size on site to ensure no compromise on the finish.

Great care is taken to achieve the required simetry and maintain aesthetics when cutting the new stone steps.

Finishing New Steps

The final part involves sealing the new steps. This ensures they age well with time and do not keep marks or stains. When laying porous sandstone steps we use impreganting sealer which soaks into the pores of the stone without loosing the look of the stone. Finally we all the joins to ensure the steps are fully water tight.

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