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Painting and decorating is a powerful tool  when it comes to increasing the value of your home.

If you are wanting to change your living space, a fresh paint will be a very important part of the interior design. We will help you with your colour selection and bring samples in to try on the walls before the job starts. 

We will asses your needs thoroughly to ensure you receive the most appropriate and best value service.



Preparation before decorating includes planning where to start to meet the customer's needs and to minimise disruption. The place gets covered with dust sheets and work begins. We then start by rubbing down the walls and woodwork with sanding paper.  Wood filler is applied to wood cracks and chips. Wall filler is applied where the wall has cracked or there are nail holes.


2015-09-25 08.44.29.jpg

After we have finished applying the filler and rubbing down we paint the walls with undercoat paint and then the chosen finishing paint. The woodwork gets painted with primer undercoat and then the finishing coat is given.


Once the job is done we look at the whole job inspecting the quality of the work and touching up where required.  If the customer is happy we sign off the job and move on to the next job.

  •  Paintig of Bedrooms, bathrooms
  • Painting of Basements
  • ​Painting of Cabinets and  hand railings
  • Decorating of Family rooms, play rooms
  • ​Painting of French doors
  • Painting of ​Kitchens
  • Painting Laundry rooms
  • Painting of Living rooms
  • Painting of Dining rooms
  • ​Decorating of Offices
  • Painting of Walls, ceilings, doors
  • Repair of damaged woodwork
  • Repair of cracks in walls
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