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Painting homes inside and out is our speciality.  We are experienced in using the best techniques to achieve the desired wood and wall finish.  The first step in every job is consulting our customers about what their needs are. most jobs follow some simple steps:





Most of our customers are Residential customers. We make sure that they always are satisfied which ensures that the customers come back to us.

The reason why customers are happy to trusty us is because we have the skills that are needed to carry most of the work that a household needs. 

  1. Choose colour.
  2. Choose finish.
  3. Decide on a time-frame.
  4. Decide on a budget.
  5. Carry out the work.


Interior Painting And Decorating

A fresh coat of paint will make a home more welcoming and  a better environment to live in. 

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Exterior Painting And Decorating

We have many years of experience in exterior decorating and repair work. We use materials which are highly durable and able to withstand tough weather.

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