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Full Home Refurbishment and makeover in Harringay, North London

Our team has great experience in doing full home renevations for new byers as well as for landlords. A perfect example of this is the latest project we did in Harringay, North London. We have worked for this customer for the last few years and this was a new purchase for the client. The house was old and not looked after for many years. It needed a full refurbishment from scratch.

The first step in the process was consultation with the customer on what building work they want done to the house. It was decided to first remodel the kitchen space so to increase its size. We had to remove old in wall cupboards which stored the old water tank. We removed the partition and increased the kitchen space by another 5 metres square.

The next issue was the electrics. As the house was using old connections it required a complete rewiring. The rewiring work was all carried out by our qualified electrician who at completion issued the relevant Part P certificate.

Once we had a first fix on the electrics we were able to start with the replumbing of some of the pipework in the kitchen and bathroom to accomodate new layouts. All plumbing work was carried out by our qualified Gas Safe registered plumber.

After the essential work was completed with plumbing and electrics we moved on to remove all old wallpaper from walls and to fill any big holes with hard wall. This prepared all the walls for plaster skimming. In the kitchen we installed new plasterboard ceiling in parts where we had removed old in wall cabinets. The entire flat was then plaster skimmed by our team of 3 proffesional plasterers. We allways find with old flats and houses that plastering can make a huge difference to the look of the place with a relatively low cost. The walls went from being full of chips and small cracks to a smooth modern finish.

After plastering was done the second fix to the electrics was carried out with all the necessary plugs and ligting fixtures being fitted. Everything was tested accordingly.

The next stage in this renovation project was to replace old carpets. The customer was keen to keep the old floor boards so we carried out a full renovation to the floors by replacing old or missing floor boards with reclaimed boards to ensure a consistency in look.

We then proceeded to paint all the walls with 1 coat new plaster paint and 2-3 coats in some places of white matt. All the woodwork was repaired with wood filler where required and rubbed down to remove any flaky paint. We then proceeded to paint woodwork with 1 coat primer undercoat and 1 coat gloss finishing paint.

The Kitchen and bathroom recieved a full refurbishment. The bathroom walls were tiled with contemporary new tiles and grouted with black grout. The floor was tiled using grey tiles. We replaced the old bath with a new one. The kitchen was completely removed and a new standard off the shelf kitchen was fitted. Some modifications were required to house the old boiler which did not require changing.

The final part of the full refurbishment was sanding down the old floor boards using heavy duty sanders and painting with 2 coats of varnish. The varnish gave the whole place a beatuiful finish.

For projects like this one we try to understand what the customer wants before starting work so we know what kind of timeframes to look at. There are times when the customer wants to do a quick freshening up of the house so they can rent it out straight away. There are other times where the customer is looking more long term and they want a high quality finish which was the case on this project.


Full Kitchen Refurbishment in Haringey, London, N4

Living room re-decorating, plastering, flooring repair , sand down and varnish Haringey, London, N4

Full bathroom fitting with new tiling, painting and decorating Haringey, London, N4

Kitchen exposed brick wall, plastering painting and floor varnish Haringey, London, N4

State of kitchen at start of full refurbishment Haringey, London, N4

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