Painting Exterior Woodwork In Highgate, London, N6

Ponari Builders have been painting and decorating homes in and around London for the last 15 years. We take on all aspects of painting and decorating be it interior or exterior.

In a recent project we painted the exterior woodwork of three flats in Highgate, North London. It is very important to ensure exterior woodwork is painted regularly to ensure longevity and to avoid permanent damage to woodwork. With a wet climate in the UK, the rotting process of the woodwork is sped up even more. Part of the job involved painting windows and exterior doors to the flats both at the front and the back.

The first step in the process was to erect scaffolding in order to gain access to all the woodwork for painting.

The next stage of the process was to sand down all windows and doors to remove any flaky paint.

We then proceeded to fill any cracks on the woodwork using wood filler.

After careful assessment of the condition of woodwork it was decided to pay special attention to wooden banisters in the first floor balcony and to the main entrance door. We proceeded to remove the paint completely from the woodwork. Once all paint was removed we applied wood filler and sanded down multiple times until we were ready to start painting. The first coat of paint was exterior wood primer which serves to protect the wood and seal it.

The next stage of the process was to paint all windows and doors with 1 coat exterior undercoat from the weathershield Dulux range. The next stage in the process was to paint all exterior woodwork with 1 coat weathershield exterior gloss.

Part of the job involved painting front of ground floor flat with white masonry paint. We also painted all front steps with Ronseal door step paint.

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