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Garden Landscaping in Muswell Hill, London, N10

Ponari Builders recently completed a great garden landscaping project in North London. The garden was designed by a leading garden designer in North London.

The aim of the project was to make the garden as eco friendly as possible using mainly recycled materials. Below are pictures of the design:

Eco Garden Design Back Garden Muswell Hill, London, N10

Garden Design Side Of House Muswell Hill, London, N10

The first step in the process was to remove the old fnece and fence posts and dispose of them. The next step was to build new fence. First we fixed new 3by3 fence posts by digging holes for the new fence posts and fixing them in place with post fix concrete. The next step was to fit 2 arris rails going parallell between each post. We used 6ft featheredge boards to build the fence. At the bottom of the fence we fixed gravel boards to ensure earth does not reach the featheredge boards and to ensure no spill over of earth into the neighbour's gardens. As the gradient of the garden was increasing from the back of the house to the end of the garden, the fence went up in increments between each post. Once the fence was constructed in 3 sides of the garden we fixed trellis going all along the fence.

Once we had built the fence we proceeded to start landscaping the garden. The plan was to level out a semicircular space near the house to create a seating area. the rest of the garden will go up in 3 levels, each separated by railway sleepers (250mmx 125mm).

At the end of the garden we built a seating area using softwood decking.

Once we had leveled the ground for the seating area near the back of the house (took about 4 skips of earth to be removed), we were ready to start laying reclaimed York Stone paving supplied by .

As part of the feature and to hold back the earth from the rest of the garden we build a dry stone wall using reclaimed York stone cut outs and curb stones.

The path leading from the paved out area to the back of the garden's decked platform was laid with reclaimed red london bricks. Before laying the brick path we ensured the area to be paved is tamped down. We then used sand for the base and commenced with the paving.

The parts of the garden to be planted were topped up with rich top soil.

To hold back earth from the different levels of the garden we used railway sleepers fixed in a concrete base.

To further aid drainage we installed a drainage channel with metal grating going all along the edge of the house and discharging into existing drain.

Below image shows the garden before we started work.

Original State of back garden Muswell Hill, London, N10

Landscaping work as it progressed to completion:

Feather edge fence with arris rails and  trellis on top Muswell Hill, London, N10

Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving Muswell Hill, London, N10

Dry wall from reclaimed stone Muswell Hill, London, N10

Reclaimed Red Brik Path leading to back of garden Muswell Hill, London, N10

Finished Garden after soft landscaping with plants Muswell Hill, London, N10

Finished garden after landscaping Muswell Hill, London, N10

Seating area in newly landscaped garden Muswell Hill, London, N10

Newly paved area side of the house after 3 months  Muswell Hill, London, N10

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