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Ponari Builders complete outdated house full refurbishment in Muswell Hill, London

Ponari Builders recently completed a full house refurbishment project for one of our old customers. The customer puchased the house and wanted to move in as soon as possible. We were able to make their new home ready in record time. The house was old and all walls and ceilings were covered in wallpaper. The heating system was old and the electrical cabling needed updating.

The first thing we did was to take out all the old wallpaper from the walls. We then removed the old carpets. Part of the demolition work involved removing one partition wall betwen kitchen and living room to create an open plan living space in the ground floor.

The next part of the project was to do a complete rewiring of the electrical system. As part of the first stage of the project the first fix electrical rewiring was carried out with all the cabling being run underneath the floor boards. A new combi boiler system was fitted to replace the old system.

We then proceeded to plaster skim all walls and ceilings in the house. From our experience after removing old wallpaper, the best option is to plaster the walls as the with old wallpaper parts of old plaster come off and the surface left is uneven. After we plaster skimmed walls and ceilings we proceeded with the decorating stage of the project. Part of this was to paint newly plastered walls with new-plaster paint. We then painted walls and ceilings with white matt. Woodwork was painted with undercoat after having filled with wood filler and sanded down. The final coat was white gloss paint.

The final part was to sand down floor boards in the entire house. After sanding down the floor was painted with wood primer and finally with 3 coats of floor paint.

Full List of Photos throughout the project can be accessed here:

Stripped carpet and prepared steps for sanding Muswell Hill, London, N10

Create open space between living room and kitchen Muswell Hill, London, N10

Plaster skimm all house walls and ceilings after having removed wallpaper  Muswell Hill, London, N10

Paint walls and ceilings, paint floor with floor paint  Muswell Hill, London, N10

Painting floors with black floor paint  Muswell Hill, London, N10

Painting newly plastered walls and woodwork  Muswell Hill, London, N10

Interior decorating house  Muswell Hill, London, N10

paint floors after sanding down and priming  Muswell Hill, London, N10

Painted banister and staircase  Muswell Hill, London, N10

Remove wallpaper to make walls ready for plastering  Muswell Hill, London, N10

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