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Garden Studio and paving in Camden, London

Ponari Builders recently ( August 2015 ) completed a project converting an out building in our customer's back garden from storage space to a comfortable living space/gym with shower room. Part of the project involved removing old block paving and laying new slate paving slabs.

Key features of the project were:

- Fit and paint new hardwood french doors and windows.

- Build new partition for shower room.

- Install underfloor heating with wall controls

- Tile shower room and main room floors.

- Tile shower room walls after building storage compartments in wall and inside shower.

- Rewire entire outbuilding with new led spotlights and sockets

- Fit Magnet Trade floor to ceiling (walnut effect) storage cabinet with sliding doors

- Install new drainage for shower room and rainwater.

- Install new high capacity electrical cable to supply the building.

- Paint walls, ceilings and wodwork in the outbuilding.

- Build two new planters outside, plaster and paint planters. Fill planters with sterilised loam top soil.

- Level out ground and pave entire garden space with slate tiles.

- Grout and seal tiles.

- Build grass feature in the middle of the garden.

- Paint exterior walls of boundry walls.

- Build new porch,cover with roof slate and paint woodwork.

Finished Garden Studio Outside view

Closed Old Door and Widow

Slate Paving

Grouting slate paving

Partition for shower room


New drain collecting bathroom and rain water waste

paving side path

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