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Ponari Builders Flat Roof Cover, London

Ponari Builders recently completed a project on laying a new flat roof in North London.

The flat roof was laid with using torch-on underlay and torch-on top felt.

  • The first step was to clean the roof and wipe down to make ready for the laying process.

  • The next step was to start laying the felt underlay going along roll by roll using bitumen adhesive and torching the under side of the underlay. The bitumen adhesive in combination with heat applied to the under side of underlay form a tight seal.

  • Once the underlay was finished we proceeded to lay the top felt sheet.

  • The top felt is applied using heat on the under side which enables the top sheet to stick to the underlay.

  • The top felt was laid in rows going opposite to the underlay. This ensures a tight seal is formed.

  • When laying the underlay and top felt we ensured the edges of the roof were also covered.

  • To finish the process we ensure all the edges have formed a tight seal and tidy up.

Laying the roof with top felt ensures a long lasting watertight seal for the flat roof. Top felt is a tried and tested material which in the long run has proven more cost effective than other flat roof cover options. Chances of ripping or cracking causing water leak through the roof are very remote due to the strength of the system when combining underlay and cross laying with top sheet.

Finished Flat Roof With Top Felt

Flat Roof Felt Underlay Laid

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