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Ponari Builders Natural Stone Paving in North Finchley, London

In a recent project in North Finchley, London we embarked on a project to lay paving in a back garden for one of our customers.

The paving was Natural stone of different shapes. The main feature was a paving circle in the middle of the garden.

  • The first step in the process was to clear the ground of the old paving and excess earth.

  • Then we levelled the ground using type one concrete mix.

  • After the ground was prepared and fully levelled and we were happy to proceed with the laying of the paving slabs, we determined the final design features of where the paving would go.

  • The central circle slabs were laid out first and then going outwards to the corners of the space, we proceeded to lay out the rest of the natural stone slabs.

  • As part of the project we had to fit drainage at the end of the paved area to collect the water and deliver it to the existing drainage system.

  • To each side of the garden we fixed sleepers to hold back the earth and to create an enclosure for the flower/plant beds.

The entire project lasted just over one week and included the usage of one skip to dispose of the excess earth and old paving.

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