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Laying Turf In North London

On this recent project we worked on opening up and clearing the garden for one of our clients in North London. First thing we had to do was to remove an old garden building. We demolished the garden building including its foundations. All materials were disposed off using multiple skips.

We then proceeded to prepare the ground and level out the garden to make ready for laying a new turf.

Before laying a new turf we ensure that:

1. The ground is cleared of all old grass and weeds.

2. We then clear all stones from the surface.

3. To level out the ground we use top soil.

4.We make sure the ground is firm. Then we rake it to make ready for lawn.

5.We then laid turf rolls one by one starting at the end of the garden all the way to the front.

For each roll we lay we use a board to firm it into the ground. Once the turf is laid we water it thoroughly to help it root into the ground.

The video below is a time lapse of the the final part of the work where we are laying the turf.

The photos below show what the garden was like after we removed the garden building and the change at the end of the work.

This is the stage of us leveling the ground and filling the hole left by the foundations of the garden building.

THis shows the guys at work near the end of the turfing process. and below is an image of the finished turfed garden.

Grass turfed garden

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