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Wood Floor Repair, Sanding Down and Varnishing In Islington

In a recent project we worked on involved repairing wood floor boards in Highbury. This is the kind of work we have done many times. We notice that repairing existing floors is an option which is being taken up more and more. Repairing existing floors most of the times works out cheaper than replacing the entire floor. Another advantage is that older floor boards give the room real character. The work involves:

· Investigate floor boards and repair them by removing damaged boards and replacing them with new ones.

· Improve floor solidity by inserting acoustic insulation fixed to joists to reduce squeaking.

· Use industrial orbital sanders to sand down floor boards. We start with high grit number sanding paper (40-60).

· Then we proceed to finish sanding the floor boards using a lower grain sanding paper (80 to 120).

· Once sanding is done we ensure the floor is cleared of dust. Then we mop the floor with water 2-3 times to remove any last particles of dust.

· Once the floor is completely dry it is ready for varnishing.

· We give the floor the first layer of varnish starting at one corner of the room and going with the grain.

· Once the first coat is finished and completely dry, we proceed to give it a second or third coat depending how well the floor takes up the finish.

repaired and varnished wood floor
Varnished wood floor boards with clear varnish
Varnished wood floor boards with clear varnish
Floor boards sanded down and repaired
Floor boards sanded down and repaired
Floor boards before repair work
Floor boards and industrial sander at start of work

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