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Garden Landscaping in Muswell Hill

We work closely with garden designers in North London. This summer (2014) we have carried a number of garden maintenance and design projects. A recent project which we carried out involved a full change of a landscape.

  • Built two Raised beds. 2x new walls approx 400mm high on appropriate foundations to create two terraced planting areas using reclaimed bricks to match existing.

  • Gravel area and path. Lay weed membrane with 50mm type1 sublayer and 20mm shingle.

  • Lawn. remove old turf. Brick edge on concrete foundation using reclaimed bricks and 100mm rootzone soil with new turf.

  • Edging. Brick edging to boundaries of gravel and soil using reclaimed bricks.

  • Stepping stones. Lay existing paving as shown

  • Brick patio. Lay reclaimed bricks to circle onto appropriate foundation and brush in sharp sand cement joints. Pattern to be chosen.

  • Plants. Remove unwanted shrubs and prepare soil with compost.

  • Waste. Removal of all waste from the garden

  • Shed. Erect new shed


Garden Landscaping Sitting Area

Grass turf circle

Build brick plant beds

Fence wall with fence panels

Landscaping garden to design

Garden Landscaping

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