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Ponari Builders

A Family Tradition

Having grown up in a family of builders and electricians, at an early age I started working as a painter and decorator. Working as a painter is a great position to be in as you get to see how good a job everybody else has done in the house before you give it the finishing touch. 

  Having worked for 15 years for a range of companies and doing from plastering and gardening jobs to large demolitions and new build projects in London, I decided to create my own company.

  The people who work with me are all experienced professionals  and most importantly share the same values as me with regards to customer service quality.


   The start was very difficult. Initially my little business idea began taking shape when I started working self employed and as a contractor in a number of small decorating and construction jobs.  The customer base started growing slowly and we started getting repeat customers in painting and decorating jobs mainly in and around North-West London. Gardening started developing as another frontier to our business. We started contracting with well known and respected garden designers in London in a number of prestigious  garden design projects across London. Word started spreading and customers started growing. What we provide started growing to suit our customer's needs. We employed carpentry specialists, electricians and plumbers to  do work for our clients.  

   Our residential customers are our largest and most loyal set of customers. The biggest source of new customers is the great job that our existing customers do by spreading the word to their friends and relatives. Word-Of-Mouth is a powerful advertising tool which we do not take lightly by ensuring that we keep a high standard of customer service all the time. 

  The last 2 years we have started making contacts in the commercial sector by taking on projects such as fitting new shops, working with property developers to bring a property to rental standards, doing extensions or partitions to increase the property value etc.

 We have set up connections with a number of housing agencies and supply them with a regular home care package where we supply a fast and reliable service to tenants under that agency. We also clean and make good a property which is being rented out to new tenants or when a tenancy agreement has ended. 


We welcome any customers. We take on jobs of all sizes be it fixing a light bulb or providing a make over for a whole block of flats. We have the capabilities and the resources available to take on large projects as well as keep to our commitment to small jobs from residential clients.

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